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Here's a handy link for those who want to learn more about conjure, how it differs from Voodoo, some of the spells and practices, and related herbs:

"She arrived on Rosebud, her red Schwinn Phantom with baskets and bells. The baskets carried a black purse, a sack of potatoes, two canning jars of pole beans, and a smoked ham in a stockinette. She was singing, talking a song under her breath really, called 'The Blues What I Am.' My Conjure Woman always told folks she knew the blues in spades because so many people brought them to her door."

OCLC Number: 933299525

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I'm having a free book promotion for three of my Kindle books between August 28 and August 30th.

Books included are The Sun Singer (novel), Carrying Snakes Into Eden (short story), and The Lady of the Blue Hour (short story).

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Malcolm R. Campbell Conjure Woman's Cat

"The story is set in the Florida panhandle in the 1950s in a society dominated by racism, and tackles the serious issues of white violence, rape, day-to-day prejudice and mother/daughter relationships. This is a book that packs a lot into its 166 pages. Despite this bleak subject matter the book is beautifully written, allowing this Brit a vision of a place which the author knows well and clearly loves. The contrast of the natural beauty highlights the ugliness of human behaviour." - Zoe Brooks' Magical Realism Blog

“The novella’s tone and themes are similar in many ways to To Kill a Mockingbird, but with a heavy dose of magical realism. The story is engaging, with complex and believable characters, but I found it at least as fascinating as an account of traditional Southern black culture.” – Into the Wonder

“I found the characters well defined, believable, and they fit into the era the book was written to be in. Eulalie claims to be older than dirt, is full of gumption and spitfire. She has had a hard life and won’t take guff from anyone and she means to set things right.” – Big Al’s Books and Pals

Conjure Woman's Cat

How Lena the cat sees herself.

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A novella about a conjure woman named Eulalie and a black cat named Lena who make magic in the piney woods near the Apalachicola River in the Florida Panhandle.

She knew candles and she knew spells, and she knew the purpose of every plant in the piney woods including Whortleberry, Golden Seal, and John the Conquerer. Hoodoo in Eulalie's hands was a powerful force to be reckoned with. Folks crossed her at their peril.

The Klan didn't know what it was up against.