Conjure Woman's Cat

In "College Avenue," a young woman describes an assault on a dark street to her boy friend. In "Mr. Déjà vu Upsets the Apple Cart" a girl selling applies thinks she's seen all this before. "Storybook" features a young man awaiting the tribe's naming ceremony with seemingly nothing worthy in his growing up years to provide him with his adult name and in "Again and Again Throughout the Long Night" a son must tell his Alzheimer's-stricken father that their wife and mother has died. A selection of poems rounds out the collection.

Mainstream humor with a dash of mystery... A throwback to Hollywood’s film noir reporters, Jock Stewart is out of touch with the looming world of digital journalism.

While he goes out of his way to mock those in authority by pretending to kowtow to them, he admits he does his best work by “being an asshole.” A mix of Don Rickles and Don Quixote, Stewart is the man for the job when the skirts are up and the chips are down...

Hard-boiled reporter Jock Stewart wakes up on the morning after the Star-Gazer office party with a hangover and an old flame in his bed and he cuddles up with the mayor’s wife in the back seat of a 1953 Desoto. Between these defining moments, he investigates the theft of the mayor’s race horse Sea of Fire and the murder of his publisher’s girl friend, Bambi Hill

AudioFile Magazine says "The story is high on humor but light on plot--a vehicle for sex,cigarettes, steak, and zinfandel. Stewart, a print journalist, is a likable dinosaur in a changing world."

Navy in vietnam

Emily's Stories is available in paperback, e-book and audiobook. The stunning audio narration is provided by actress Kelly Hazen.

In  "Lady of the Blue Hour," a young man comes home from a high school band trip, and finds his parents mysteriously absent. Then he notices a ghostly lady on the street heading for his house.

The exact opposite of "Sleeping Beauty," this tale involves a dull-as-dishwater prince, a century-long sleeping enchantment, and beautiful queens who have the power to wake the rich sleeper with a kiss--if only he weren't so plain.

He sleeps because the king and queen inadvertently slighted the eldest faerie on the prince's naming day. She curses him with foul words that are mitigated from a quick death to a long sleep. Will any of the eligible queens wake a man so plain as he?

Glacier Park Love Story

New From My Publisher

During the Vietnam War there was a military draft that impacted the lives of every young man once he was 18 years old. Early on, those who disagreed with military service couldn't usually file as conscientious objectors (COs) unless they belonged to a church with anti-war beliefs.

In my novel At Sea, David joined the navy to avoid being drafted into the army. If the rules had allowed it, he would have filed as a CO. He considered fleeing to Sweden or Canada but believed he'd never be allowed to come home.

At Sea is a rowdy look at life on an aircraft carrier on station in the Tonkin Gulf. The liberty ports were a blessing and a curse. Mail call was usually the men's favorite moment of the day. For David, most of the letters brought unsettling news--or, in the case of his fiance--no news at all.  Was it possible to remain sane through all of this? David had his doubts. He worked on a book in his spare time while repairing planes that flew combat sorties over Vietnam and sometimes never came back.

Florida Stories

Physics wunderkind Fleur Robins, just a little odd and more familiar with multiple universes than complicated affairs of the heart, is cast adrift when her project to address the climate crisis is stalled. Worse still, her Ethiopian-born fiancé Assefa takes off right after her 21st birthday party to track down his father, who’s gone missing investigating Ethiopian claims to the Ark of the Covenant. Fleur is left to contend with the puzzle of parallel worlds, an awkward admirer, and her best friend Sammie’s entanglement with an abusive boyfriend.

Emily Walters is a sharp, inquisitive fourteen-year-old north Florida girl who loves maps, her rusty old bike, and the forest behind her house. Sometimes her dreams tell her the future and sometimes her waking hours bring wise birds and other spirits into her life. In these three short stories, join Emily in her adventures and mysteries.

When her family vacations in the mountains in “High Country Painter,” a wise Pine Siskin tells her she must quickly learn how to paint dreams into reality to prevent an afternoon hike from becoming a tragedy.

In “Map Maker,” she’ll need her skills—and the help of a Chuck-will’s-widow—to a fight a developer’s plans for from bulldozing the sacred forest behind her house and replacing it with a subdivision.

In “Sweetbay Magnolia,” she’ll learn the secrets of her grandmother’s favorite tree, the crumbling almost-forever house down on the river, and why some ghosts would rather visit than haunt.

Fairy Tale

David Ward grew up on a sheep ranch in western Montana. Anne Hill escaped from her Illinois parents and grew up with her Aunt in the Florida Panhandle. The two of them meet as seasonal employees in the Rocky Mountain high country of Glacier National Park.

Their love is tested when Anne is attacked on a dark Florida street and again when David visits her in her world of old growth forests and dark swamps. They have different goals and both wonder if they can put them aside for a future together.

A companion novel to At Sea.

Emily's Stories: (Three short stories) Emily Walters is a sharp, inquisitive fourteen-year-old north Florida girl who loves maps, her rusty old bike, and the forest behind her house. Sometimes her dreams tell her the future and sometimes her waking hours bring wise birds and other spirits into her life. In these three short stories, join Emily in her adventures and mysteries.  Available in paperback, audiobook and Ebook, and in Italian and Spanisheditions.

Cora's Crossing: (Short story) Two young men are mysteriously drawn to an old bridge during a rogue thunderstorm, where they discover the dead are waiting to speak and their lives are in jeopardy when they help an injured young woman they find beside the road. Also available in Portuguese.

Dream of Crows: (Short story) After going on a business trip to north Florida, you have strange dreams about something lurid and/or dangerous that happened in a cemetery next to Tate's Hell Swamp. You try to remember and when you do, that's all she wrote.

Carrying Snakes Into Eden: (Two short stories) In this tongue-in-cheek 1960s-era short story with a dash of magic, two students skip church, pick up a hobo with a sack of snakes, and realize there may be long-term consequences, followed by "Hurricane in the Garden" about why the snakes were missing from Eden.

The Land Between the Rivers: (Three short stories) This collection features three tales set before the dawn of recorded time in the Florida Panhandle world bordered by the Apalachicola River, Ochlockonee River and the Gulf of Mexico. This diverse environment of coastline, baygalls, swamps and forests includes the beautiful and notorious Tate’s Hell State Forest. In How the Panther Lost Her Roar, you’ll meet the rare and endangered Florida Panther that could be found in Tate’s Hell as late as the 1960s. In How the Snake Bird Learned to Dry His Feathers, you’ll meet a Florida bird—also called the Anhinga—that learns to swim before he learns to fly. And, in How the Bear Found Her Favorite Food, you’ll learn what the Florida black bear eats when she has her choice. These stories begin where the Seminole Creation Myth ends as seen through the eyes of Eulalie, the root doctor in my novella Conjure Woman's Cat.

Snakebit:(Short story) Anne and David meet and fall in love at a summer resort hotel in the Montana mountains. That fall, after they go back to their respective universities, Anne is assaulted on a dark city street. She won't let David see or help her in any way until he's finally allowed to visit Florida the following June, where he finds Anne greatly changed. She wants him to give up everything for her. He plans to leave her, but then the magic of the dark swamp called Tate's Hell interrupts those plans.

Visiting Aunt Ruby: (Short Story) When David travels from Montana to Florida to see his girl friend, he's introduced to her aunt Ruby who lives in a fading doublewide in an aging trailer park. She's likely to say anything, but then it appears she's seen everything.

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