Conjure Woman's Cat

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Conjure Woman's Cat

Eulalie and Washerwoman



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"Told through the narrative voice of Lena, Eulalie's shamanistic cat, the fast-paced story comes alive. The approach is fresh and clever; Malcolm R. Campbell manages Lena's viewpoint seamlessly, adding interest and a unique perspective. Beyond the obvious abilities of this author to weave an enjoyable and engaging tale, I found the book rich with descriptive elements. So many passages caused me to pause and savor. 'The air...heavy with wood smoke, turpentine, and melancholy.' ' ...the Apalachicola National Forest, world of wiregrass and pine, wildflower prairies, and savannahs of grass and small ponds... a maze of unpaved roads, flowing water drawing thirsty men...' '...of the prayers of silk grass and blazing star and butterfly pea, of a brightly colored bottle tree trapping spirits searching for Washerwoman...of the holy woman who opened up the books of Moses and brought down pillars of fire and cloud so that those who were lost could find their way.'" - Rhett DeVane, Tallahassee Democrat

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"'Eulalie and Washerwoman' is the sequel to"Conjure Woman's Cat" and part of author Malcolm R. Campbell's 'Florida Folk Magic' series. A simply riveting read from beginning to end, 'Eulalie and Washerwoman' is very highly recommended for both personal reading lists and community library General Fiction collections." - Julie Summers, Midwest Book Review


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Satirical Mystery

Conjure Woman's Cat, Eulalie and Washerwoman, and Lena are conjure and crime stories from Florida

Praise for Eulalie and Washerwoman

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Eulalie's World in the Florida Folk Magic Series; Overlooking the Apalachicola River. Florida Memory photo.

In this satirical and somewhat insane lament about the fall of traditional journalism into an abyss of news without facts, Special Investigative Reporter Jock Stewart specializes in tracking down Junction City’s inept and corrupt movers and shakers for his newspaper The Star-Gazer.

Since Stewart is not a team player, he doesn’t trust anyone, especially colleagues and news sources. Stewart, who became a reporter back in the days when real newsmen were supposed to smoke and drink themselves to death while fighting to get the scoop before their competition sobered up, isn’t about to change.

Stewart’s girlfriend leaves him, the mayor’s racehorse is stolen, people are having sex in all the wrong places (whatever that means), and townspeople have fallen into the habit of sneaking around and lying to reporters and cops.

Sure, everyone lies to the cops, but reporters expect gospel truths or else. Stewart may get himself killed doing what he was taught to do in journalism school, but that’s all in a day’s work.