Why I Write what I Write

  • Contemporary Fantasy:  Like nursery rhymes, fantasy works well for larger-than-life stories, in my case the personal transformation themes of my hero's journey (The Sun Singer) and heroine's journey (Sarabande) novels.
  • Magical Realism: This is the way I see the world, that is to say, that "reality" is an illusion and magic is real. This is the perfect genre for my conjure woman novels: Conjure Woman's Cat, Eulalie and Washerwoman, and Lena.
  • ​Paranormal: Some of the things that go bump in the night are heirlooms the cats have knocked off a shelf or a table and some of them aren't. You'll find some of the things that aren't in Widely Scattered Ghosts. my short story collection.
  • Satire: Since I'm uncertain where "reality" begins and ends, I see events in a skewed way that's basically at odds with how other people see it. Doing this kind of thing is often called "satire," what you'll find in Special Investigative Reporter.
  • Literary Fiction: Since my work doesn't show up on in grocery store book sections, it's apparently literary rather than commercial fiction. 


It's time to take a break whether I deserve it or not.

This website will disappear on or before February 20, 2020.

For those of you who follow my books. you can keep up with them at my Malcolm's Round Table blog.

Thank you to all of you who found this website and checked in from time to time to keep up with the latest news.


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