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The storyteller's road leads to magic and laughter and deep truths about the Earth and its people.

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Peaceful 1965 civil rights in front of Florida Capitol.  Florida Memory Photo

Unfortunately, Florida's citrus industry stopped using orange crates and colorful labels in the late 1950s. Great artwork.


Typical Florida Forest. Photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

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Tate's Hell Forest

Florida Panhandle Gulf Coast

"The natural resources found on Tate's Hell State Forest are very diverse due to the unique and various natural community types. At one time Tate's Hell State Forest supported at least 12 major community types, which included wet flatwoods, wet prairie, seepage slope, baygall, floodplain forest, floodplain swamp, basin swamp, upland hardwood forest, sandhill, pine ridges, dense titi thickets and scrub. Currently, the forest contains approximately 107,300 acres of hydric communities such as wet prairie (contains a vast diversity of plant species), wet flatwoods, strand swamp, bottomland forest, baygall and floodplain swamp. Past management practices have disrupted the function of the natural ecosystems on Tate's Hell State Forest. The restoration of these ecosystems is a primary objective of the Florida Forest Service." - Florida Department of Agriculture

Lena Audio Book

When some white boys rape and murder a black girl named Mattie near the sawmill, the police have no suspects and don’t intend to find any. According to tradition, any white man could rape any black woman without consequences, much less condemnation.

Eulalie, who sees conjure as a way of helping the good Lord work His will, intends to set things right by “laying tricks.” But Eulalie has secrets of her own, and it’s hard not to look back on her own life and ponder how the decisions she made while drinking and singing at the local juke were, perhaps, the beginning of Mattie’s ending.

The novel includes a glossary of hoodoo terminology along with information about the blues as gospel musicians mentioned in the story.

Also available as an audiobook from Amazon and Audible.

Holly Palance

Nine short stories available in e-book and paperback.

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Washerwoman knows how to cover his tracks with the magic he learned from Florida's most famous root doctor, Uncle Monday. He's more elusive than hen's teeth, more dangerous than the Klan, and threatens to brutally remove any obstacle in the way of his profits. He runs the local policy gambling rackets--and about everything else with the consent and cooperation of the police, mayor, and upstanding white movers and shakers.

In this follow up to Conjure Woman's Cat, Eulalie and Lena face their greatest challenge with scarce support from townspeople who are scared of their own shadows.

Also available as an audiobook from Amazon and Audible.

New Audio Edition

When Police Chief Alton Gravely and Officer Carothers escalate the feud between “Torreya’s finest” and conjure woman Eulalie Jenkins by running her off the road into a north Florida swamp, the borrowed pickup truck is salvaged but Eulalie is missing and presumed dead. Her cat Lena survives. Lena could provide an accurate account of the crime, but the county sheriff is unlikely to interview a pet. 

Lena doesn’t think Eulalie is dead, but the conjure woman’s family and friends don’t believe her. Eulalie’s daughter Adelaide wants to stir things up, and the church deacon wants everyone to stay out of sight. There’s talk of an eyewitness, but either Adelaide made that up to worry the police, or the witness is too scared to come forward.

Lena paperback book
Eulalie and Washerwoman Novel

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The real Florida doesn't match the attractions built for snowbirds or tourists who fly directly to Orlando or Daytona Beach. Those who grow up in Florida Panhandle see a different world. That's the world you'll find in my magical realism and paranormal novels and short stories.

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