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I have been looking forward to this book. At the end of “Eulalie and Washerwoman” Eulalie was leaving to fetch Willie back home. They’ve had a long-standing relationship and Eulalie was ready to take it to the next level. Being a romantic at heart I was ready for this relationship to move forward. So, what does Mr. Campbell do? He puts Eulalie in peril! Which in turn kept me reading late into the night.

- Big Al's Books and Pals

​(Audio Edition): Campbell and Palance present a sober but hopeful look at slowly improving race relations in the 1950s. S.G.B. © AudioFile 2019, Portland, Maine [Published: JUNE 2019]


Years ago, I had a Typepad blog called The Morning Satirical News. It featured satirical news stories written under my Jock Stewart pseudonym. The posts were all tongue in cheek and--I'll confess--were a way to poke at some of the weird things that happened around the country.

I had so much fun writing those posts that I compiled some of them into a book I self-published via Lulu calledWorst of Jock Stewartin 2007. Oddly enough, the book is still available.

While I no longer have the Typepad blog or the Blogger blog that came after it, I had fun with the idea that Jock Stewart--who was me in some ways--really represented the old-style reporters working for local and regional newspapers long before the Internet. My uncle was one of those. So was my father before he became a journalism professor. 

So, I made Jock Stewart a character in a novel that featured the kind of person who would write the wild and crazy kinds of news stories from The Morning Satirical News.  That novel was published in 2009 and, while I have my rights back from the original publisher for print editions, the audiobook version of the original story still appears on Amazon and Audible due to contractual obligations.

Since Jock Stewart always signed his news stories with the tagline "Special Investigative Reporter," that seemed an apt title for the upcoming new edition. I suppose the professors where I majored in journalism would turn over in their graves if they knew about this novel, most of them knew that I had (and still have) a warped sense of humor. When I see a news story, I usually think, "how would Jock Stewart write this material?"

Even though my more recent books have been contemporary fantasy and magical realism, I love satire. My hope is that, in an era of screwed up reporting and so-called fake news, Special Investigative Reporter will find a new audience.

As an author, I have many people asking me how I can possibly think up some of the stuff I think up. As Jock Stewart said, "how can you not?" Perhaps my values are warped, but it's hard for me to ignore the potential satire in most things. 

Basically, my father, my uncle, and I--and thousands of other journalists--were taught to leave our opinions at the door when we stepped into a newsroom. Today's 24-hour news sites don't do that. It has become very difficult to ever get the straight story because anchors are mixing up their own agendas with their reporting of what ought to be objective facts. 

Jock Stewart knows the difference between facts and opinions.

Just who the hell is Jock Stewart?

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