Conjure Woman's Cat

Products such as these were distributed via Chicago's King Novelty Company catalogues from the 1920s through the 1950s.

The spells, techniques and herbal information in the novella are all based closely on those used by former or current root doctors. They are presented as part of a story and are not intended as advice or remedies for readers.

Hoodoo is a traditional form of folk magic and is in no way presented in Conjure Woman's Cat as fantasy because that would be disrespectful of those who have spent their lives studying and perfecting their craft.

Eulalie's Conjuring Customers

Bill Carver brought oranges to trade for a break-up bottle spell because his long-time ace lover didn’t know it was time for her to leave. Elroy Marks brought cash money for a sweet jar spell to get him promotion at work. Georgia Gibson needed a good luck coin with horseshoes and four-leaf clovers on it because her baby was about due. She traded five pink baby blankets since she just knew it was a boy. Deloris Sutton traded five ears of sweet corn for thirteen stems of shame weed to stop her neighbor from spreading gossip. Martha Whetstone paid cash for a gallon jug of Florida Water for her bath. Eulalie reminded her not to use the whole jug all at once like she did last time.

Just before we put up the sleeping sign, Robert Alexander showed up in a panic for some jinx killer powder. Somebody crossed him up and stole all his luck.

“I’m a mistreated man,” Eulalie, “I sure enough am.”

“Maybe you’ve listened to the ‘Jinks Man Blues’ one to many times,” said Eulalie.

“I do like Buddy Moss. That don’t cover the problem, though. The problem is missing by usual good luck. Bad luck and no luck are making me feel tired and mistreated, like I said.”

Eulalie smiled and have him a packet of powder on the house to keep him from leaning against the porch post for an hour arguing again about the supposed high cost of hoodooing.

To stay within the law, conjure supplies were (and still are) sold as curios or novelties.

Malcolm R. Campbell - Conjure Woman's Cat

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